Radkey – Devil Fruit EP


Erase all of your stereotypes of Punk music being made by pissed off White people. The Caribbean (correct me if I’m wrong please) appearing three piece are just as angry and loud as anyone else in the Punk scene.

So move aside Scandinavian Princes Iceage and Holograms; Radkey are claiming the title for Kings of Punk with their new EP, Devil Fruit.

It’s nearly 14 minutes of pure terror. Heavy, roaring guitars; crashing drums and a bass so deep it’ll rattle your bones. Plus the Ramones-esq voice of frontman Dee Radke is a gift from God himself. An added bonus to this gem is that unlike some Punk bands, there really is no underline, secretly clever messages in the songs. Little Man yells about the outdated elderly (apparently their Grandad) “You’ve got no ideas and no imagination”. Romance Dawn chants of trouble with “There’s a fire and it’s coming, rising in here”. Whilst, Start Freaking Out, tells you to do just so.

Devil Fruit is uncomplicated, simplistic, majorly mind melting Rock at it’s best, and is needed to remind everyone there’s a world outside of Wreckin’ Ball and Blurred Lines.

Maybe Radkey can make a new EP just slaging Robin Thicke off

I’d give it a spin


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