Lee Ann’s Skin

Sway Records latest offering lives up to the labels wild side, of signing the freshest, coolest and weirdest Manchester bands around.

Sebastien Perrin and Luke Byron Scott (lovely name), have created something so disturbing and almost exclusive to themselves; it sounds like Indie music for Goths.

Following in the footsteps perhaps of fellow Sway signing Kult Country, with a similar  sound to some of Kult’s tracks; they’ve issued accompanying M O N E Y.

The shrieking violin is initially kicked away by the snare of a drum partnered with a slippery bass, and then swoops in and out of consciousness ever so often. The ringing of those oh so friendly Indie styled guitar chimes, creates an almost confusing clash of music.However, it is blended beautifully with Sebastien’s deadly deep, vocals. Almost stealing Matt Beringers title of deepest male vocals in any band.

The song essentially follows the same pattern throughout. Guitars play, whilst the violin slides in and out seductively; and yet, it isn’t boring. The peculiar nature of the song keeps you interested and shows you that, producing good, catchy, simple music doesn’t just define you to guitar music.

Granted there is a guitar present here. (But you get my point)

The vocals are silenced half way through when the guitar and violin become one. A vuitar? A giolin? Something amazing. The screeching of the guitar then replaces the earlier shrieking violin, transcending beautifully into a smooth slide. It leaves you wondering; am I listening to an Indie band or Classic FM?

Who knows but it’d be great on either.

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