Lee Ann’s Skin – Video

Misleading beginning – Check

Confusing nature – Check

Potassium – CHECK

Eventually I will write about something else other than these guys

But for now let’s focus on Naked (On Drugs)

The video is just as weird as the song itself.

The initial appearance comes across as visually careful, leading you to think that these guys might steer from the weird and unusual and try something arty, without creeping you out for once.

Well they soon change that, with the focus of a banana and the occasional acid wash effect on the two members of the band.

As insanely bizarre as the video is; even with it’s simplistic banana-ed nature, the video is perfect. It stays rooted in your head for a good while and you’ll ponder; why a banana? Why not some Strawberries? Or even a Watermelon perhaps?

These guys want you to think what the holy hell have I just watched, and what was that song?

Listen after listen, you’ll slowly start to like the song and video more and more

Until eventually you’re walking around staring at bananas, eating them and then throwing them at cameras

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