Velvet Café

The Plastic Dots have moved away from their distorted past of VLAD and onto a much smoother production. But the smallest hints of VLAD still stay in the reverb of the vocals so for VLAD’s 300 fans, they haven’t changed completely. Velvet Café follows the styles of the bands previous ‘hit’ 92, with the slick guitar playing minus the crazy breakdown after every two lines. The tone of the song stays almost the same throughout the whole near 3 minutes, coming across as a smooth lullaby. The chimes of relaxing in the Summer sun, drinking ‘purple lemonade, at the Velvet Café’ ride high here, providing a sneaking suspicion that future songs from these guys will also follow suit of these Summer vibes. The transition from Indie Psych group, to the Indie Pop professionals is a welcomed change from this Bournemouth trio. And Velvet Café, is the first sign of something great that is yet to come.

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