September Girls – Cursing The Sea

The title may sound like a stereotyping of a drunken Irish man, but September Girls have produced an album that declares the Irish Noise Pop producers as equals to the top, all female legends of the moment, Savages and Pins.September Girls 2

They’ve managed to avoid the stigma of the all girl Indie band ‘curse’, by fusing electronic elements with swirling synths, Grey Beach Pop rhythms, Indie Rock simplicity and an impressive range of vocals. Cursing The Sea progresses easily through its eleven tracks, weaving in and out of the albums several genres.

The title track presents the album as a whole, combining all of the genres, drifting in and out of the prosodic features of perfect pop with love infused lyrics; then transcending into the deep, more rugged Punk persona, whilst still maintaing the gentle wave of the Beach Pop rhythms

Green Eyed summons back the 80’s with its Horror’s-esq synthesisers, enticing the Post Punk sound alongside the eerie presence of the haunting vocals within the track.

The Grey Beach Pop rhythms of Veronica Falls are in full bloom on Heartbeats with the vocals soaked in reverb, inducing a plethora of sun drenched shimmering impulses.
Whilst the albums finale Sister, induces spine tingling euphoria with the heavy lo-fi arrangement almost in a trembling growl just as Savages provided with I am Here.

These Irish wonders have kicked 2014 off to a perfect start with an album that is swamped with girl band traditions, but have followed suit of recent successors to place their own take on the diluted Indie map.


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