NO – Leave The Door Wide Open

The Echo Park Indie Rockers announced their debut album this week with the colossal, Hollywood drama of opening track Leave The Door Wide Open.

The word colossal, can’t even justify Leave The Door Wide Open.

The first 3 seconds of the song could have been followed with one of either two options. The: loud, deep, towering and traumatizing behemoth of a song that Door Wide Open is. Or something else completely. The echoed guitar, with the soul shuddering vocals, breathes heavily down your neck, freezing you to your core. The thud of the drum is your heartbeat slowing down, completely at the mercy of the song, only fifteen seconds in. Then you get the killer, failing love chorus of:

Don’t worry if it’s a cold night/Because we all go up in flames/We fall heavy but were so light/So leave the door wide open.

Following this lust filled lovers pursuit of his past romance, beckoning to her call once her recent romance breaks in half. The on, off love-lust story is one that so many can reconcile in, with the fact that the ill matched lovers is a familiar story everywhere.

This tale may have been mass produced in every Hollywood Rom-Com since the 20th Century, and every pop song since the early 80’s, but NO’s collaboration with its’ shrouded, fluctuating guitars and misted synths, when mashed together with the profoundly treacherous vocals, provides that modern twist, which everyone has been longing for. The simplicity of the track is mind boggling as the sound as a whole is one of Hollywood’s mass production and major effects when in all honesty, it’s just a small amount of modest effects.

Not to shun Hollywood completely; Hollywood’s drama rubs off on NO with the climax truly stealing the show, leaving listeners in tears, grasping for the nearest oxygen tank as to coincide with how breathtakingly spectacular this masterpiece truly is. Booming drums, screeching guitars masked underneath the echoed harmonies of the title repeated religiously. The signs of a masterpiece of an album are found here in less than four minutes.

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