Howler – Don’t Wanna

Howler have finally returned with their second album World Of Joy announced yesterday, alongside the debuting of album track Don’t Wanna.

The album was due for release late last year so news on the bands new brat-rock, blues album is long overdue

Don’t Wanna, focuses on more of the Blues style that the band have been honing since Give Up America. The home sprung lyrics of Minneapolis life, provide a warming, welcome home feel, perfect for the bands, grand return. World Of Joy is out on the 24th (UK)/25th (US) of March.

World Of Joy:

  1. Al’s Coral
  2. Drip
  3. Don’t Wanna
  4. Yacht Boys
  5. In The Red
  6. World Of Joy
  7. Louise
  8. Here’s the Itch That Creeps Through My Skull
  9. Indictment
  10. Aphorismic Wasteland Blues


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