Breton – S Four

Track number five of the War Room Stories Era; third release from the album itself and…

…Breton have seriously out done themselves this time.

Released on Tuesday; S four (S4) thrives off this new energy the band have harnessed from Berlin (now Breton Labs has been destroyed). It’s more ‘electric’ than anything they’ve ever done. With only two variations of lines in the lyrics, the focus is on the swarve manner of the production. Popping manufactured rhythms. Lightning quick drum taps with the in and out strokes of the string variations (Violin, Bass, I thought they were steel drums originally). The breakdown half way through, removes the strings, creating pure Breton. Not electronic music. It’s the work of pure genius. Everything focuses and merges together perfectly, not a single sound feels out of place. These guys have seriously moved into their own spectrum, which makes February appear to be in a galaxy far, far away…

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