Hibou – Dunes EP

Astonishingly impressive EP for just $1!


Released in the Summer of last year; Dunes is a collection of dreamy, Psychedelic, Tropical, Indie-Pop which has reappeared thanks to Indoors Outdoors. Sunder and Valium sum up the EP’s sound as whole, with laid back, acid drenched guitars, lulling you into a state of euphoria; the sounds of Washed Out can be felt strongly here. Real Estates energetic, Summer sirens pulse through Hibou’s sound whilst Crystal Stilts’ vibrating Psychedelic rings high and true. ¬†Think of Hibou as a less mechanical approach to Dream Pop. A more polished version of JAWS. And for lovers of artwork, well need I say more.

Sadly though, the EP has no physical format, so that gorgeous artwork is not on a vinyl (yet). However I’d still strongly recommend at least giving the EP a play-through first before spending that entire dollar (¬£0.61!). For the whole EP, click on the Artwork for Dunes above.



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