Hibou – Dunes EP

Astonishingly impressive EP for just $1!


Released in the Summer of last year; Dunes is a collection of dreamy, Psychedelic, Tropical, Indie-Pop which has reappeared thanks to Indoors Outdoors. Sunder and Valium sum up the EP’s sound as whole, with laid back, acid drenched guitars, lulling you into a state of euphoria; the sounds of Washed Out can be felt strongly here. Real Estates energetic, Summer sirens pulse through Hibou’s sound whilst Crystal Stilts’ vibrating Psychedelic rings high and true.  Think of Hibou as a less mechanical approach to Dream Pop. A more polished version of JAWS. And for lovers of artwork, well need I say more.

Sadly though, the EP has no physical format, so that gorgeous artwork is not on a vinyl (yet). However I’d still strongly recommend at least giving the EP a play-through first before spending that entire dollar (£0.61!). For the whole EP, click on the Artwork for Dunes above.



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