Little Comets (Song of 2014)

Little Comets summed up the Gentle EP as being how they perceive the world at the moment, and this has created their strongest, boldest lyrics to date.

Minimal silence, minimum change, I’m an honest man lips my tears.

Possibly early to declare this the song of 2014, however if you listen to the song just once you’d hear why. There’s no pulling the wool over Little Comets eye’s on, The Blur, The Lines and the Thickest of Onion. Angry cries about ‘minimal’ culture and how it is a destructive force that keeps everything ‘maintained’. Minimal culture doesn’t just mean the mainstream world. It’s the ‘Indie Juggernauts’ who declare their own being as more important than anyone else’s because they can write a song. The power that fame and money buys. How the biggest and most successful do nothing for the working person. It’s destructive and oppressive.

Moving away from the basic rights discussion, volume truly speaks louder than silence here. An army of earthquake inducing drums, alien guitar drips, and a hit against blurred lines paired with soft backing vocals to warn of the impending implosion of Earth. Little Comets have created a true work of art. Using their musical talents to create a song that fuses gentle melodies, with ear bursting deeper sounds, they’ve created a piece that will hopefully shock future listeners of how far we still had to go back in old 2014.

Those, Armageddon scale lyrics from a band who have a song called Dancing Song, tell the tale of a band who are using their influence as rising musicians to place a better image in everyone’s mind. But why are these lyrics so powerful? This is what Little Comets are wanting to say. The subjects of which they’re ‘appalled’ at, should not still be an issue in the modern ‘equal’ way of life. Rape culture needs to end. Women should not still be seen as second class citizens. Abortion should be of no question and the minimum wage should be made livable on. And that’s just some of the issues tackled here.

Be gracious in possessing the knowledge ¬†that a band who’s music has been classified as ‘Kitchen Sink’, have broken out of their confinement to speak out about how life really is, without having to swear or cause a worldwide outrage.

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