Shy Nature

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Meet your new favourite band

Shy Nature, a London based four piece (signed to Kissability), combine eccentric pop melodies with bustling guitars to match the high toned vocals that mirror those of Mystery Jets’ Blaine Harrison. Bands such as Fixers with their infinite energy supply can be seen on latest track Lie Back, with much clearer and heartfelt lyrics. Girls’ vintage tones marry The Maccabees technically enhanced magic producing the portal to music perfection. Whilst b-side, Lifeboats, creates chimes of blissful memories of Summer from the beginning and the hazy madness of falling in love right at the end.

Lie Back is due for release on February 17th.

As well these beautiful track, Shy Nature self released their stunning self titled debut EP, with the brilliant Sinking Ship almost symmetrical to Peace’s Drain and numerous early Mystery Jet songs. This early EP set the band up for early stardom with everyone from The BBC, to Fake DIY and the NME to name a few, sharing their love for the band.

Shy Nature EP is available on both Vinyl and digital format via the bands bandcamp page. Click the image below for the full details.

shy nature

And as if that wasn’t enough, one of the bands earliest singles Deadly Sin is a free download!

  • What can I expect?

Perfectly balanced Indie Pop set to challenge the likes of Mystery Jets and The Maccabees.

  • When will they release new stuff?

Lieback was released via Kissibility in mid February so not for a couple of months I imagine.

  • Where can I find their music?

By their soundcloud down below, and their bandcamp page by clicking on the above image.

  • Will I like them?

If you’re a fan of: Mystery Jets/The Maccabees/The Wombats

4 thoughts

      1. Little Italy or The Blur, The Line and the Thickest of Onions? I haven’t had chance to check that one out yet so I’ll keep my eyes open for your review for sure!


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