Bombay Bicycle Club – So Long, See You Tomorrow

Fourth time round, Bombay, actually take attributes of Indian culture and then other world music elements, to produce a clash of cultures vying for long

So Long…, is intriguing to say the least. Fourth time round, electronics are the way for Bombay. Go figure. Separating themselves from the synth crew though, by introducing the spices of traditional Indian music styles, with modern tampering. The synthesisers produce children’s train’s choo choo noise on It’s Alright Now. Whilst brass instruments produce mini earthquakes with their low frequencies on Carry Me, fighting off the beat of Indian music electrolysed, with Bollywood dance shows and religious drumming techniques throughout the stomper, Feel.

Jack’s voice still trembles in fear on the more timid moments of the album, almost too frightened to voice trepidation, especially on the two longest tracks, Whenever, Wherever and the closer So Long,… However, Luna summons beautiful harmonies of skinny love’s lyrics with frayed colours glowing soft in the moon lit sky, underneath crashing collisions of scaled rhythms and brooding drums.

Feel is where the true magic of the album is born. Introduced with Arabic snake charming, with Indian drumming beating alongside bouncing synths. The world joins hands on Feel, practising worldly cultures in harmony with Jack leading the serenade of the girl who he’s longing for on the rest of the album.

If Bombay focused more on their own sound, rather than being a band who reinvent themselves more than the English language has; then maybe they’d be more credible and easier to deduce. With four albums creating completely different sounds, it’s almost unbearable to string together possible similarities, that have been improved upon from previous albums. Thank God it wasn’t a Flaws 2 though.




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