Meg Myers – Make A Shadow EP

meg myers omfg 2

10 months ago, the first track from Make A Shadow EP, Heart Heart Head was released, reminiscent of previous EP Daughter In The Choir. Now on Make A Shadow, Myers has done some serious work. This EP is almost the mirror image of Daughter In The Choir. It follows the same setup. Looks the same. Even sounds slightly the same. But it’s not the same EP. There’s so much more emotion on her second EP. Both raw emotions: pure despair and pure anger. She’s not trying to say FU to certain people, such as on Tennessee. She’s placing her cards on the table and it worked brilliantly.

She’s a force to be reckoned with; her vocals can range from a quite little child, singing a child’s tale softly; to a violent outburst of ‘I want to fuck you’ on Desire, then to ear bursting shrieks on Heart Heart Head. Myers’ attitude to female singers being less abrupt about sex typically is brilliant.


Myers’ rash, thrashing lyrics and vocals can be completely flipped to reveal her softer more ‘hurt’ side on tracks Make A Shadow and The Morning After especially. It’s no surprise to fans of Myers that her slower, more, ’emotionally provoking’ songs can hit you like a ton of bricks. Make A Shadow has a roar spiralling out of Myers’ during the chorus. On a contrast; the lyrics on The Morning After are so dangerously deprecating, that I’d strongly suggest to stay clear if you’re feeling somewhat distraught over someone.

Flailing away from the man in the hockey mask that is The Morning After; Myer’s Rock-ability is still there, especially on the brilliant Go. The sliding, creepy guitars met with Myers’ angelic vocals strays not to far of traditional Horror films; with innocent little girls, luring strangers to their doom once they reveal their true colours. But Myers is no innocent little girl. She’s here to say, I am Meg Myers. Don’t dare mess with me.

Meg Myers is the modern woman. She’s tough as nails because she needs to be. But underneath she’s just as damaged and longing for love as the rest of us are, which makes her music that much more accessible and emotionally striking.


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