Cheatahs – Cheatahs

Complimenting mixtures of grunge, post punk and noise rock, unearths Cheatahs’ stunning debut that easily could have placed alongside Sonic Youth or Pixies during their time.

Cheatahs 2

Cheatahs mix of distorted vocals and hysteric vocals draws influence from early Wavves, Sonic Youth and Cloud Nothings, whilst their mixture of scuzz rock, beach rock and alternative rock, produces a nostalgic sense of euphoria, similar to modern albums such as Oshin and New Moon (DIIV and The Men respectively).

Their garish take on classic grunge wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful without the contemporary, distorted vocals of key Indie bands of the 00’s and early 10’s. With easily sung lyrics throughout, Cheatahs production work does the talking on their debut, with gorgeous, liquefied guitars and steady as they go drums.  Mission Creep conflicts with the grunge genre as a whole with a much higher strung approach, combined with the post punk’s demoralizing-ly  lazy vocals; sounding more like Best Coast, minus the weed doused trepidation.

The only tracks to escape the whole grunge drenched sound (sort of), are the 5th and 6th tracks, Get Tight and The Swan. With Get Tight comparing to Ty Segall with heavier, noise induced guitars and early Baby Strange with their roll of the tongue slick, vocal presentation. Whilst The Swan lays homage to surf rock with grizzly basses, crashing melodies and the sense of Summer, e.g. drinking beer and passing out in the sun.

Tracks: The Swan, Fall and Cut The Grass standout as Cheatahs strongest, hardest hitting songs from the album, almost mirroring Sonic Youth’s, Daydream Nation with superb precision. Fall mimics My Bloody Valentine’s hysteric, trance echoes with undecipherable lyrics that could easily be a satanic chant in disguise. Then Cut The Grass almost manages to close the album with just over four minutes of grunge, surf rock perfection. Instead we’re welcomed to the 11th track Loon calls, which elegantly sees the album out.

Now in a traditional sense, the conclusion. Cheatahs self titled debut, managed to survive the hype induced madness that surrounded it’s existence since the band first caught attention back in 2012 with their debut EP. Cheatahs reconfigured the gritty, then ground breaking style of grunge and used their powers of deduction to combine music’s greatest attributes of post-punk, hard rock…rock and the modern distortion noise-core assemblies.


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