Begging For Your Life/In The City Light

14 minutes of pure, Post Punk Rock, captivating lyrics, ecstasy and Carson Cox.

merchandice city light 2

For the length of the song, you could class this one single as an EP. With another two marvellous pieces, Merchandise could produce a three song LP that would blow most out of the sky.

Just looking at the artwork on the vinyl, shows you how much time and effort Merchandise placed into their 14 minute breathtakingly, amazing, world stopper of a single. With that being said; this really isn’t for the faint of heart. First listen round, if you managed to score one of the 1,000 vinyl pressings, I’d strongly recommend sitting down.

Begging For Your Life introduces you slowly to it’s magic with a baron piano, gentle shifting focus to Carson Cox’s hushed whispers alongside some gentle female backing.

As Begging reaches the beginning of its transition to becoming In The City Light, every element gains Merchandise’s true wonderment with guitars occasionally shrieking, the piano becoming louder and the mystic saxophone of Totale Night being brought back. Scaled chords then replace Begging’s piano, as the edit everyone has heard on YouTube kicks in, with the squealing saxophone, partnered with the occasional pluck of those two guitar notes.

Then after the gentle swing to City Light, Cox’s deep, chilling vocals arouse every inch of your body into a state of unforgettable euphoria. This experience intensifies to almost dangerous proportions where the benevolence of the sliding guitars turn Cox’s croon into a juggernaut of body freezing tenacity.

When the song reaches the 10 minute mark, everything mellows down, focusing more on Merchandise’s Jazz element that they’ve tamed perfectly to coexist with their Post Punk brand. From here on out, your soul is brought back down too Earth, to reunite with your destroyed body, as you now have to endure the recoil of the most intense 14 minutes of your life.


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