Halls – Love To Give

Just as captivating as Hall’s debut Ark, with a few surprises.


Would the integration of Ark be on Love To Give, was always going to be a rhetorical question. Ark held listeners as tightly as possible, staring them point blank in the face, informing them they should and must be emotionally invested into Hall’s debut.

Love To Give is almost a different story. At the beginning of Love To Give, you have the blatant leftovers of Ark, with near mono-tonal vocals and echoed organs from empty churches. Then nearly half way through the nine track album; track number four Waves comes across as a complete shock to any familiar Halls fans, as there may be his dreary, soaring vocals, but with a riding drum rhythm, Waves shakes Love To Give up from it’s sleepy start of emotional torment.

Following the hall shaker of Waves, Aria starts as familiarly as a Halls track can, with chimes from a xylophone. It might sound contrasting to the grand organ, however this much happier sounding instrumentation blends well to Waves and Halls’ style as a whole. These xylophone rhythms are soon married to further riding drums and musical ludicrousness as an explosion of climactic proportions, with once blue pianos, blending well with beaten drums to sudden growling guitars, producing a vortex of subconscious depression that leaves you feeling uplifted about Halls energetic production, yet leaving you motionless as you absorb the emotional tenderness of Ark as a whole on this seven minute behemoth.

You Must Learn To Love Again, borrows Local Natives piano style of Colombia almost perfectly but replacing their high pitched soaring vocals with Halls trademark monotone moans. Then after the weirdness of Foerlsket, Halls turns into the antiques road show, with the most stereotypically British production you could imagine before finishing with the cataclysm that is Body Eraser / Avalanche.

Halls’ complacency fades in an out of Love To Give almost uncomfortably from it’s beginning, but then surpasses his own avoidable stigma with exciting new productions to his brand of Blue-Indie melodic rock.


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