The Family Rain – Under The Volcano

If Brit Rock needed a revival, then The Family Rain have provided a sufficient effort for the people’s thirst.

family rain

Under The Volcano’s attempt at clashing classical Brit Rock, with more contemporary Blues Rock styles is safe yet bodacious. What Volcano lacks in ‘new’ styles that recent bands have attempted to monopolize on, with The Vaccines claiming 1st for simplistic riffs and The Black Keys stealing White Stripes, Blues Rock crown; Volcano’s pure focus on a single genre that has already been arguably mastered to a certain degree, is refreshing from bands such as Skaters with Manhattan, attempting to force several trickles of genres to work together. Volcano’s, Brit Rock focus, enables the trio of brothers to have fun within their own boundaries, knowing that the branding of traditional Rock is still the most important matter to The Family Rain. Volcano is what previous generations would call, Progressive Rock.

This link to Progressive Rock’s earliest stages, are unavoidable on Don’t Waste Your Time, with guitars nearly trembling beneath the self depreciated lyrics that transform into a broken roar alongside snarling melodies that awakens the fire deep within Volcano; producing possibly, the only complete revamp I have ever had such a pleasure listening to, the makeover of Trust Me’s B-side Waterfall, moving away from softer Hanni El Khatib styles, and closer to Kasabian’s harder faced moments.

The albums strongest moments come from the bands earliest track, Trust Me… I’m A Genius and the feel good Binocular. Trust Me… I’m A Genius, plays crude basses alongside pure Rock hooks and riffs as blues rock is nearly removed from the Post-White Stripes killer of a track.Whilst Binocular boasts festival friendly, arms in the air swaying perfection, with gently sung lyrics with a chorus that was made to sing with at least a hundred more people.

Under The Volcano, brims potential form the beginning, spitting out chunks of Carnival, Trust Me and Don’t Waste. After that it falls reasonably quite before rising again to the superb Binocular, leaving a pleasing result, with most people in a state of check that out, rather than is that it.


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