The Plastic Dots

the plastic dots

The Plastic Dots first surfaced in the midst of 2012, grabbing the attention of the NME whilst under the name VLAD, (named after a brand of vodka), for their fuzzy, Noisecore/classical Indie Rock style on track 92, still available from their old bandcamp page here. The era of VLAD seemed to be a forward facing movement, placing themselves with the Yoofs movement of Bournemouth at the time. Following up their first release, The Cat Mixtape, the band then released their first physical release with the CD format of GAMMA EP in late 2012 (proudly the owner of the first copy). The EP focused on drowning every aspect in reverb whether it was the vocals or instrumentation. This lead to a weirdly unique release but sadly, the bands formation had altered to an unplayable condition shortly after the EP’s release.

After almost a years silence, the bands remaining members grabbed a plus one and lost all of the capitals finally, forming what is now The Plastic Dots (Alfie Tyson-Brown Thomas Moore [TMOE] and Ben Lowe). Shortly after the band re-announced themselves to the Bournemouth music scene, they released their perfectly psychedelic track Velvet Cafe,  “and you can read the review here“.

The Plastic Dots formation focuses on a Psychedelic Rock format with the reverbed vocals of VLAD still lingering on their new track Cats Cradle, a funk groove filled, transgressive Psychedelic piece of perpetual heaven. Cats Cradle bounces all over, flicking guitar tones everywhere and anywhere creating layered echoes, which are just as trippy as anything legal. Ever more exciting than this trippy effect, is that everything they’ve released is free! Of course, if you’re feeling generous I would recommend donating a quid or two to the bands old bandcamp account.

So with a flood of singles expected in a short while, five to be exact; The Plastic Dots are set to start making some noise around themselves, both in their local area and across the rest of the UK.

  • What can I expect?

Weaving Psychedelic Rock not to far distant of Blues Rock.

  • When will they release new stuff?

In the next month or so!

  • Where can I find their music?

By their soundcloud down below, and their stuff as VLAD from their bandcamp in the link above.

  • Will I like them?

If you’re a fan of: Youthblood/Skaters/Yuck and anything similar.

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