Broken Hands

(A Velvet, Must See)


If you want to see a band live, go and watch Broken Hands. I’ll admit that I’d never heard of the band until I saw them last Sunday supporting Howler at the Deaf Institute, but they completely stole the show for me. The band’s vocalist Dale (lovely guy) is one of the few front-men I’ve seen, that seriously wants the crowd to get rowdy more for the sake of it, rather than for just the headliners. Their performance was effortless, nothing was forced but it didn’t appear lazy. The whole band swaggered around the stage effortlessly with their brand of Heavy Indie Rock, similar to Band Of Skulls, and not to far distant of The Strokes on Reptilia, despite looking like a clash of Peace, Kasabian and Swim Deep on the above photo.

On their past EP, Down By The Current, Broken Bands appear to be slowly emerging with their current, thrusting, riff heavy Rock style that could fill a cathedral if they wanted especially with Pulled Under. My Orbit Changes Every Day and No One Left To Meet, brag all of these qualities, with Dale’s vocals given the space to anchor the chorus’ spiralling hooks and crashing drums that’ll stop your heart instantly with a rush of noise storming around your body. Levitations and Impact from the bands current EP (which they’re selling on tour for £5!) can boast Broken Hands incredible live performances further, as it’s not everyday you fall in love with a song by a band you don’t know, heard through hysteric speakers.

Nowadays the term ‘buzz bands’ has lost a lot of accreditation. Most buzz bands have a small string of good songs, then that’s it, or a bad first album (Hockey with Mind Chaos) gets them off everyone’s lists. So therefore I’m not calling Broken Hands a buzz band, instead I’ll say, watch out for a band that could easily be making regular air-wave occurrences in the near future.

  • What can I expect?

Face melting Rock that is accessible for the Indie kids as well as the hard faced Heavy Rock/Metal fans.

  • When will they release new stuff?

Their latest EP is out on tour with them so I would, seriously, recommend seeing them and grabbing a copy, it’s excellent.

  • Where can I find their music?

YouTube, Soundcloud, Live shows. All the usual places, but a live show will get you truly hooked.

  • Will I like them?

You’ll bloody love them.

For Fans of: Band Of Skulls/Howler/Queens Of The Stone Age/ music in general.

Extra info: The band are playing Sonisphere this year, so if you’re going already, check them out there!

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