Broods – Broods EP

An EP that will be the formation of a band’s stellar career. Broods have completed this feet on their debut EP.

Broods-BROODS-EP-12-Vinyl 2

Loaded with the sweet melodies of Georgia Nott, then mixed together by older brother Caleb Nott’s instrumentation, Broods have produced an EP, bursting with the brooding Pop essence that catapulted Lorde to fame. Only Broods have done it much better.

Normally, an EP (especially a Pop EP) would have a variation of moods so to speak. One minute you’ll be prancing around in your room, singing into a hairbrush, the next track you’ll be sopping on your bed to the ‘deep’ track. Now in Pop music, it’s no mystery of what they’re going to be quite focused upon. Love, obviously. However where Broods are concerned, love isn’t so easy to conquer as mainstream Pop artists would have you believe. They’re realistic, just as fellow Kiwi Lorde was on her debut Pure Heroine. Broods out-take on Pop music is less abrupt as Lorde’s, who was proclaimed herself as hating the ‘I need you baby’ Pop world (rightly so). The Nott’s know that love isn’t an instantaneous occurrence for everyone, but they still want it, just as everyone else does, which is why this EP works.

It’s the struggle to separate your emotions for someone you once loved. The torment of longing for that familiarity that you once knew. Bridges, the duo’s lead single, is hauntingly tormented with this past love obsessiveness.

If any word that I said, could have made you forget, I’d have given you them all, but it was all in your head.

Tied together with thumping electronics, that could easily have been House rhythms, the lyrics of Bridges are the true selling point, no matter what way you look at it.

This need to be coddled with love, but then almost blaming themselves for their failures is a burst of fresh air in the Pop scene, instead of the ‘why did you run away’ or ‘I deserve you more than they do’ of certain Pop artists… Digressing, Broods blend of silky smooth electronica as well as some acoustic guitar formations on Taking You There, has created an EP that could sit well with anyone from the heartbroken teenager, to the recently single parent. It’s a familiarity for anyone who has experienced, some form of love. Whilst the EP could have just as easily been dismissed for similar structures, melodies etc, Broods’ stayed true to the Pop format which is why each track doesn’t require a synopsis. They’re keeping their integrity as newly emerging stars, ready to share their words with the world, not the words of their record company.


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