SOHN – Tremors

SOHN’s debut is physically and emotionally draining.

But you’ll love every second of the Londoners bleak tales.

Sohn-tremors 2

It’s not too often that an album so rigorously torn apart by unsettling emotions, is provided by someone who specialises in electronics instead of echoed pianos and heart wrenching guitar tones. SOHN’s (Christopher Taylor) debut, is an eclectic mix of pulsating electronic rhythms that can just as easily turn into popping near house tones or deep, progressive, ambient tones on the albums truly darker tracks.

The single that begun the Londoners career The Wheel, is a clever mixture of both modern electronic tampering and continuous drum tickles, partnered with vocals that soar away from the electronic clutches of  Vienna. The superb Bloodflows, hones in on SOHN’s talent to transform the slowest, charming ambient tones, into a propelling dance track that easily masks Christopher’s hidden messages.

Latest single Artifice is a fully loaded 375. Magnum. Each bullet ready to unleash a world of pain on you, (not literally though).

Somebody better let me know my name

Before I give myself away

Somebody better show me how I feel

Cos I know I’m not at the wheel.

Artifice tells the tale of having an identity crisis, as your whole life is seamlessly layed before your eyes, carefully planned just as the songs atmospheric electronics follow a steady course from simply guiding the songs lyrics to delivering a garnished front.

It’s a wonder what happened to SOHN to have left him so torn to produced an album set to burst with depressing stories of self-doubt and pointless living. But thankfully harnessing the time he was in London, together with his firmly planted stay in Vienna, has ensured that SOHN would produce an album that was wildly different from the current electronic scene, even still, the electronic genre as a whole.

SOHN has escaped the boundaries of electronic music, fully utilising the sorrow of recent hit band Daughter as well as very early Athlete on Tourists. To declare SOHN as the leader of a new musical front, (emotional electronics?) would be more daring than his debut. However to declare SOHN as the pioneer that electronic music needed isn’t daring at all.


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