Baby Strange – Distance Yourself (MUST FOR 2014)



BABY STRANGE ARE BACK! The caps and repetition are indeed necessary. The Scottish lads are finally back with new track Distance Yourself, just after seven months since Friend was dropped. One word to describe Distance Yourself…Punk. A cliché, but if you’ve been longing for some seriously sound Punk that isn’t all glare and no flare, then Baby Strange have come to rescue you. If you’ve heard the bands past two releases, Pure Evil and Friend respectively, you’d know that Pure Evil was the angst filled, self loathing side of Punk so many love, (even though everyone misunderstood their video) and that Friend was a stage invasion cesspool, ready to collapse your lungs with high velocity guitar riffs and rot your body to dust with its insatiable chorus.

If Pure Evil and Friend were Zeus and a Greek woman, Distance Yourself would be the guy Sam Worthington played in that Titans film. Bad analogy. Essentially, it’s the best of both worlds. Aggressive, screw everything lyrics riding on gritty, dirty basses that’ll make you feel like a scumbag in 5 seconds flat; with the attainable, crowd goes ballistic chorus that erupts more catastrophically than Yellowstone ever will.

On top of this world ending new track; the lads have announced their first ever headlining UK tour. Plus, the Manchester and Dundee dates are free entry! So I’ll see you on the 5th of June if you’re from Manchester.

Expect this to be broadcasted everywhere, especially on here.


By the time this is posted, I’ll have tweeted about Distance Yourself a million times.

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