Post Record Store Day

As much music that I’ve got ready to swamp Velvet, I doubt that I’ll get anything out tomorrow, because once I’ve got my records (and wished my grandma a happy birthday) I’ll be off to bed then out getting very happy on overpriced beer. If anything is posted, it’ll be posted if not, give Baby Strange a whirl. Or Tom Vek’s new track Sherman. Better yet, the second track from Wolf Alice’s new EP (I forget the name as I’ve had two hours sleep), it’s some bloody good music.

Anyway, stay safe, stay warm if you’re queuing in the UK right now, but most importantly, remember that Independent Record stores aren’t a one day a year visit. Cherish your record store day purchases, but check out your local store in a couple of weeks,ask the staff what they recommend, fall in love with your local store.

Peace out,


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