Beach Party

beach party

Who’d have thought, that it’d become increasingly difficult to stand out in the Surf Rock scene ey? There’s the powerhouse three of Wavves, Best Coast and Fidlar. Each have their own take on the ever so popular genre. Wavves use hysteric reverb and 16key synth effects for mega acid trips. Best Coast fuse pop lyrics with getting stoned, and Fidlar howl at every possible moment.

So what could possibly be available? Well for Beach Party, it’s a tasty mix of Wavves, Fidlar and Howler. The influence from bands such as The Beach Boys and The Ramones, is as clear as the LA beach that Beach Party live out on. The friendly beats of The Beach Boys joins the grit of The Ramones’ punk rock, to just trail slightly behind Howler.

That’s not to say that Beach Party are somewhat the lesser of Howler; Beach Party pull off the in your face, guitar screeching madness of heavier, surf rock, especially on their most popular track Fun. Although Beach Party’s true surf rock bliss, comes from their superb, easy breeze, cheap beer influenced Geronimo, with Fidlar’s blood surging throughout. Sadly, Geronimo was only available on their physical releases, at their release show back in April. (But if you contact the guys they may have some spare!)

  • What can I expect?

Surf Rock pumping through every artery.

  • When will they release new stuff?

Their most recent EP was released on the 25th of April, so expect a month or so for new stuff

  • Where can I find their music?

Soundcloud. Demos. Free tracks. They’re all there!

  • Will I like them?

If you’re more of a Howler fan than a Surfer Blood kid, it won’t matter, you’ll love them anyway.

For fans of: Howler, Bass Drum Of Death, Fidlar.

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