Merchandise – No You and Me

The smoothest, most tangible piece Merchandise have created yet.


The second of two track tracks on their shared, split record store day EP (alongside Milk Music and Destruction Unit), No You and Me would have been the perfect transition from Children Of Desire to Totale Night, with the post-punk, blues of Totale Night alongside the breezes of post-hardcore-pop from Children Of Desire. In the now traditional Merchandise sense, No You and Me, feels as deliberately desolate as possible, whilst the guitars pleasing tones and the songs calm pace, removes the thought of the songs lyrics from you consciousness, even though Carson Cox’s presentation falls solely below the baritone values mostly, it’s almost a task to discover the lyrics. However Cox’s occasionally higher rises are all that requires attention, as the emotion and effort thrown into reaching this higher register, are the works of a dedicated frontman. Nearly at the five minute mark, the song puts on the bands first recognisable guitar solo, with a closer link to math rock than post-punk. With Cox’s brand of loveable mumbles and high rises, combined with the dreamy bass lines and luscious guitar tones; the atmosphere created on No You and Me is something only a handful of musicians have, ever, been able to master. Merchandise are simply in a different league.

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