This week on Velvet

So did you all watch Eurovision last night? Amazingly, I’m one of the few music bloggers who loves it! It’s not all about the music (bloody IAL trying to be the NME); it’s about the fun, spontaneity and the acceptance of others, which is why I was extremely happy Conchita Wurst won! 5 points for Transgender rights activists!

Anyway, so as you may have seen in a very recent, ‘chat’ post, I’ll be trying to catch up with very late reviews, new reviews, lots of reviews really. New music as well (obviously), and a very special half-year anniversary post for Velvet! Expect favourite songs/albums/artists, (that Velvet has posted) future goals/plans, then a look into Velvet’s most popular posts in its six month running.

Speaking of popular posts, Sam Ratcliffe’s The Talk We Chat has been very popular over the last two days (I only posted it on bloody Friday) with just under 60 views already! So keep the ball rolling and click HERE to check out Sam’s track.

Love and peace to you all, no matter where you’re from or who you are, I love you all.

Doyle x


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