Wolf Alice – Creature Songs EP

Wolf Alice’s fourth official release, and they’re still keeping the quality.

Wolf Alice - CS 2

There’s something to be said, for a band that have been redistributing a collection of sounds, across a series of releases over the past two years, and being able to keep up the suspense for their next move. All the way back in the beginning (April 3rd, not the dawn of man), Moaning Lisa, echoed across the airwaves with a mighty roar, similarly to Blush EP’s, She, back in August of 2013. The crossover from stadium rock antics to festival tent ludicrousness felt warmly familiar from Wolf Alice, although the combination had never really been faced by the band quite so vigorously. The track following Moaning Lisa, Storms, welcomed a more charging force to Peace’s Money, with a similar sounding riff, rocking the chorus, with a bit more ‘oomph’ and less jangly pop tones. The overall product was a TV friendly, festival crowd pleaser of a track.

Then the B-side hits (if it receives a vinyl release), and you’re greeted with two, post-White Leather tracks, Heavenly Creatures and We’re Not The Same. Heavenly Creatures is as gentle as a love ballad can possibly be with Ellie’s soft vocals, tugging at your heart strings. While We’re Not The Same, features a duet between Ellie and drummer Joel in the audio-interpretation of a storm, beginning tenderly quite before whaling¬†riffs, crash into your ears with high pitched screams of terror fading in and out of procession almost as white noise.

Wolf Alice have never been one to rush out a single or an EP. When they’ve had something to show, they’ve shown it, rather than spitting out dribble every few months because people beg for something new. As lovely as it is that Wolf Alice are taking their time and producing, swooning, melodic anthems; two official singles, two EPs, and 13 songs released in total, everyone is eager for album plans. Everything they’ve made so far has been kept at a superb standard. It’s just a question about whether or not, they can keep this standard going for their album, which by following Wolf Alice’s give us time pattern, probably won’t be here until 2015. But that’s an album to be excited about for next year already!


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