Second Hand Poet – Fading Out

Second Hand Poet is the alias of Jamie Tipson, a Surrey-based singer-songwriter who’s been recording under this guise since 2012.
His latest EP, All My Life, follows in the footsteps of his previous self-produced releases starting back in 2012, although this time around, Tipson’s EP is being released through an actual label, DyNaMik Records. All My Life contains six startlingly beautiful tracks, with Fading Out, claiming the EP’s closer title, with heart clenching properties. The gentle performance from Jamie creates a misleading front as the title would suggest. With traditional piano tones alongside the emotional torment hidden behind the guitar chords, Fading Out is truly a bittersweet dismissal of perpetual happiness.

Jamie Tipson’s/Second Hand Poet’s, EP All My Life, is out July 16th through DyNaMik Records.



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  1. Reblogged this on DyNaMik Records and commented:
    Thank you to Velvet Independent for their lovely review of Second Hand Poet’s track “Fading Out” from his new EP available to pre-order on iTunes now official release around 16th July 2014 also check out the video here for this album.


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