clipping. – Body and Blood

The most intriguing signing to Sub-Pop in some time. clipping.’s track Body and Blood, feels aggressively abrupt, with some confusion (at least I found) behind the basis of the song’s lyrics. The pro female power gets slightly mixed up with unintentionally sounding, misogynistic lyrics. (not something that will ever be praised on this site). Once you make it past the first few lines, this misogynist confusion can be slightly dismayed as it’s still a very small step to say the least. However, the harsh bass beats and crackling, screeches of electronic interference anchors the concept of a psychotic, hyper reality, as the experimentalism on the track, as well as the lyrical content, would be (presumably) challenging for a dominant, cis, male society, to face without feeling challenged or dismissive of the content.

The new album, CLPPNG, is out June 10th

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