JAWS – Be Slowly

An extremely exciting morning for you all, if not just me! JAWS have just made a triple announcement.

1.  The announcement of new single Be Slowly, out 7th July. It’s insatiable, gooey goodness, indie pop, just as perfectly performed as previous releases Think Too Much and Friend Like You, with a supersonic boom added to make the track thrust with new tangible energy.

2. The announcement of their debut album, Be Slowly! Out September 15th. The tracklisting goes as so:

  1. Time
  2. Cameron
  3. Gold
  4. Swim
  5. Home
  6. Be Slowly
  7. Think Too Much, Feel Too Little
  8. Filth
  9. Sunset State
  10. Surround You
  11. NYE

3. Finally, the announcement of their next UK tour!



So check out the new track, Be Slowly. Order the new album, Be Slowly (physically of course). And get a ticket for your nearest tour date!

Pre Order Be Slowly now and make use of their album/ticket bundles they’ve currently got!


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