Manchester Standards – Sides 3 & 4

Manchester Standards 3 & 4. Why this is the only vinyl release you need this year…


Don’t worry that’s not the official artwork

Coming out in two weeks, (June 16th) Manchester Standards Sides 3 & 4, is the second offering after Sides 1 & 2 back in July 2013. If you’re unfamiliar with the name, here’s the information.

Started by Only Joking Records back in 2013, Manchester Standards set about broadcasting the vibrant music scene currently in Manchester (UK), of both established indie bands, and the current emerging crop, found on Sides 3 & 4.

All of the tracks featured on these limited (250 copies) vinyl only releases (that’s right, no digital form whatsoever *thank god*), exclusive to the releases themselves, as either new original tracks, or the first time the tracks have been pressed to vinyl.

Sides 1 & 2, featured the likes of Temple Songs, Brown Brogues, Sex Hands and a load more with tracks $$$$$$’ $$ $ $$$$$$$$$ , TreetU Beta and Way No Way, respectively, boasting the thrashing energy of Manchester’s new age indie scene, back from 2010. On Sides 3 & 4, expect post-indie, with fusions of experimental melodies, and periodic riffs, placed together from the likes of Egyptian Hip-Hop, Pins, Naked (On Drugs) and of course the enormity of MONEY. There’s new tracks from Egyptian Hip-Hop and MONEY, with Solimans Gamil and Lonely Sexy Death, respectively. While Naked (On Drugs) Pins, Mazes and Young British Artists, re-release their older tracks Death Dance, Shoot You, Bowie Knives and Everything In front Of You, respectively.

Now when I say ‘new’ I mean never before released. Lonely Sexy Death is a very old, MONEY song but never managed a physical release, while Mazes Bowie Knives, could fall into the same category, but it’s such an old track, they could have released it themselves.

Now, it’s no secret the amount of admiration I have for MONEY, they’re truly an astonishing cult band, like none other. If you have never had the golden whispers of Lonely Sexy Death, caress your ears, then you need to make sure you get a copy of Sides 3 & 4. I’d get a pre order now, as Sides 1 & 2 sold out, incredibly fast.

Pins’ Shoot You, was one of two tracks on their heart shaped, record store day release this year. So if you weren’t lucky enough to score one (Let alone a signed one if you’re from Manchester), then this is your chance to score an insane track from the all girl, indie, power group.

Death Dance is the beginning of all things malevolent and terrifying when it comes to Naked (On Drugs). If you didn’t manage a cassette (just like me), then what are you dawdling for?

It’s not as much a compilation album you know you want to own. It’s a compilation album that you need to own. Score yourself a copy of Sides 3 & 4, and you’ll be the owner of a piece of history that only 249 other people in the entire universe, can share with you.

The tracklisting for Sides 3 & 4 are as follows:

Side 1…
1. Dinner Party – Readers’ Wives
2. Fruit Tones – One Foot Loose
3. Salford Media City – Long Deer Is Awesome
4. Mistoa Poltsa – Yunga
5. Bass Ventura – Side Of The Street
6. Naked (On Drugs) – Death Dance
7. Queer’d Science – Girls Gone Wild
8. Irma Vep – Be A Mother

Side 2…
1. Young British Artists – Everything In Front Of You
2. Mazes – Bowie Knives
3. Pins – Shoot You
4. Aldous RH – What’s The Point
5. Egyptian Hip Hop – Solimans Gamil
6. Great Waves – Into The Blue (Original Mix)
7. Money – Lonely Sexy Death

Pre order your copy by clicking the link below!


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