Aztecs – Ice Cream EP

Simplistic neo-80’s electronics, create a fresh, chic take on contemporary indie pop


To those who struggle to understand the contentedness that fans of minimalistic pop find in simple beats and steady rhythms, Ice cream will seem maladroit. To fans of post 80’s new-wave pop, it’s a sherbet and sauce drizzled delight, that’s ever so familiar, but nonetheless satisfying and nostalgic.

The systematic, tropical guitar rhythms alongside easily recognisable pop claps, mediate the essence of golden beaches bathed in gorgeous sunlight (or whatever the equal in the UK is). Wave Machine springs to mind very early Hot Chip, but as if they were less electronic and more string based. The title track Ice Cream, welcomes ambiguous, heartfelt lyrics, on top of grounded synth tones, dismaying the positive effects of high strung guitars, as well as the higher reaches of John’s vocals (Steele or Dell, I’ve no idea). All of Ice Cream’s attributes come together for successfully, attainable pop.

When you become comfortable in this back to the future EP, warp drives sizzle, as a classic 80’s ballad, in the form of B.O.B (not the rapper person from 2010) takes place for glazed, pop melodies to tempt you into swaying ever so gently with your nearest and dearest. Or your pillow, whatever’s at hand. With popping synth drops quietened for the focus on one of the John’s vocals, and the nostalgic drum claps, B.O.B is easily the most enjoyable track of this EP, which should have been the EP’s closer.

Now the final track is Aztec’s gorgeously simple Bad Blood. Echoed guitar notes isolate reality, instead for more visually appealing surroundings, before rhythmic lyrics fire out, more skillfully than the entire top 20 combined. The chorus is the true piece¬†piece de r√©sistance of the track with gliding guitar tones, leading the rising vocals, for a perfect, sizzling, summer anthem.

An amalgamation of iconic, 80’s electronic stylings, with contemporary pop tampering, creates an enjoyable EP, which is sure to fill many sunny and rainy days with happiness and glee. If you’re looking for the Violent Femmes-esque sound, meets 80’s electronics, and post-electronica pop, then you’re in luck.


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