Lust For Youth – International

Hannes Norrvide’s experiments into the lighter roots of synth pop produces some beautiful results.

lfy 2

If every take on 80’s synth pop was as glorious and divine as Lust For Youth’s third LP International, then the world would be a much more joyful, vibrant place for everyone from neo-punks to LCD Soundsystem ravers. Lust For Youth have never been ones to shy away from the amalgamation of crisp, pure synths and guitar hooks to create interesting, dark music, which normally creates enticing work. On International, Lust For Youth summon up something that fans of their earlier work may find shocking, something nearly no one would have expected.

Bright electronics.

Not to fear, underworld dwellers, they haven’t become gooey eyed, stoned out, ambient drones. The darker tones of Lust For Youth’s beginnings can still be found on International, especially on the gigantic Armida, which blasts drum beats viciously, as institutionalised lyrics, seize control of Armida’s occasional glimmers of joy, from higher noted electronics. It’s the creepy goth kid with candles in their locker. You can’t help but be dazzled and intrigued by their psychotic style.

On Lust For Youth’s new style for their third album, Illume is one of International’s most daring tracks, as formulated ‘Washed Out’ tones, are pieced together with jiving rhythms and unchanged vocals, for fresh, 80’s pop that mirrors Human League at their finest. New Boys further carries on this delectable take on 80’s electronica with more tangible, nostalgia creating similarities to the likes of Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode. Similarly on opener Epoetin Alfa, electrolysed guitar tones fuse together for fresh, minimalistic electronica, marking the creation of a new, exciting era for electronic styling since the weird, but very short eruption of chillwave, back in the late 00’s that the band have already begun mastering.

International as a collective, draws influences from the brighter faced stars of the 80’s, to revive the essence of obvious enjoyment in electronic music. However, when compared directly to it’s 80’s inspirations, International can’t help but still be trapped in its ‘goth’ phase, relying on undecipherable lyrics and hushed out, deeper drone tones, to relive the magic of earlier Lust For Youth. International’s bright, goth-tronica is really quite enticing. It’s just a wonder that their not dressing as The Horror’s yet.


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