clipping. – CLPPNG

Experimental, inventive, inspiring. Just a few words to associate with Clipping’s killer second LP.


Second time round; Clipping capitalise on abrasive beats and set track formations, disrupting the continuation of lazy hip-hop in mainstream success. The configuration of the trio of rapper Daveed Diggs and producers Jonathan Snipes and William Hutso, was kept to a more placid stance (so to speak) on their debut LP, Midcity. The response to clipping’s assertive style was a shock to the trio, guiding them to allow their creative juices to flow freely on Clppng.

Clppng as a general concept, is experimentation. The album begins, with the harsh screech of high frequency sound waves, as Diggs’ pace challenges this mind numbing effect with lightning quick lyrics. They require full attention to catch a collection of words larger than three, let alone a complete sentence, before the sound waves explode to unbearable levels to mark the songs end, which is frighteningly enticing.

Body & Blood then drops with its eerie robust dripping effects, with live electrical wires filling any space left, mediating the essence of danger of fear that the track thrives upon, with its alternative approach to female involved lyrics, as the man becomes the object for once.

She don’t need you for shit but your dick and veins and your guts

The lyrical formations on Clppng’s as a whole, are vastly superior to your common hip-hop performers, whose sole purpose is to remind you that you are not them (with money and hoes/shortys/bitches/etc) Clipping use their lyrics to depict the story of the people, not themselves. The evolution and adaptation of the human race. Women seizing control of their bodies, no longer taking the back seat that men force upon them. Multi stranded relationships and the secret behind the true purpose of the hadron collider. (Don’t take that last one too seriously).

Story 2 is the prime example of Clipping’s 3rd person story telling. Plus if you focus enough, you’ll notice the relationship of Mick Winfield is something that hip-hop doesn’t really approach. At all. Unless it’s with a slanderous term. If you truly allow Story 2 in, an immersive two minute film is projected as Mick Winfield, a bar tender ponders his existence, before discovering his life is falling apart all around him. As the music progression becomes intensified and heart racing, everything speeds up and feels purposely rushed as you just like Michael, know the end result of this story.

Further realisation of the lives of real people are presented on the miraculous Inside Out, with cut, in and out (literally) beats of hysteria, as the chorus of ‘Murder on the outside everybody inside’ delivers the story that billions globally face everyday, the danger of life in the slums, or real ghettos. Clipping’s lyrics aren’t always presented so visually, as Get Off single handedly demonstrates their creativeness, as Digg’s lyrics are layered on top of multi tonal alarm tones, for some truly mind expanding music.

Overall, Clppng generalises the stories of the people with psychotic beats, screeching in and out before turning into generic hip-hop beats, then evolving further. Refreshing lyrics (that aren’t self involved), alongside the experimentation of electronic hip-hop beats, creates an LP that was needed to waken up everyone, from both hip-hop fans to the general public on the harsh realities of everyday living. No one knew that we needed a self aware hip-hop LP, but thank any deity, that Clipping knew it.


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