Native People

 native people

An amalgamation of ‘indietronica’, dream pop and ‘math rock’. Dream/Math/tronica (if that’s a thing)

Indie pop has been given a go now, by every single group of teenage lads who like Foals or The Maccabees. Dream pop especially has taken a harsh bashing. Some bands have been good, even brilliant at creating magnificent pop tracks, while the others shouldn’t have tried. Native People are one of the very few brilliant bands, to tackle these easy to create, but difficult to capture genres, and have been able to uphold an impressive quality in their songs, especially on their magnificent, sort of debut, Calm Forever.

Calm Forever focuses on well placed, rhythmic beats, to carry an ode to Cave Painting’s early works, as echoed guitar notes, shimmer like sunlight on water, with Reuben’s vocals, sailing across the quiet waves of this beautiful vista. On older tracks, What You’re Looking For and Cascade Race, upbeat, charming melodies, piece together an inevitable fusion, of math rock and dream pop, with ambient atmospherics subdued, for the delight that is indie pop in the summer, or tropical pop if you will.

They’re still a long way off, ‘making it’, but these four lads look set to create some unavoidable music in the future, which will surely get the likes of Huw Stephens and the rest of BBC Radio 1 losing their shit over them.

  • What can I expect?

The breezy styles of early Pixel Fix and current We Are Scientists with some flexible, math rock guitar tones

  • When will they release new stuff?

The reissue of Calm Forever came out on the 24th of July, but the band are currently giving away two copies on their facebook page!

  • Where can I find their music?

Soundcloud for everything, Youtube for videos of everything.

  • Will I like them?

Obviously, but just incase: For fans of: Pixel Fix, Foals, We Are Scientists, Cave Painting.

For the chance to win one of two remaining Calm Forever CDs, follow the link below!

Native People Facebook

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