Merchandise – Enemy

Further proof of why Merchandise are masters at making any music they like.The similarities between Merchandise’s work from their debut 2008 release, The Miami Tape, all the way to Enemy, is the consistency in the energy and self provided perfection, that Carson Cox and David Vassalotti have always made essential in their releases. On the second track taken from the band’s first, official full length album (fifth overall, including self released), After The End, Enemy recaptures the brilliance from Children Of Desire’s Time with less focus on reverberated guitar tones and sound effects, as the straight forward, acoustic guitar chords Carson plays alongside David’s brilliant finger work on electric, documents a change in style without really changing much at all. Influences drawn from other Desire tracks, Become What You Are and Roser Park, with the breakdown of a near guitar solo just before the three minute mark as Carson’s baritone vocals that sway between harmonious oohs, to undecipherable murmers, take a short break before immediately hitting back with “All, your thoughtless words”.¬†

However the true brilliance of Enemy, is the absolutely, stunning video to accompany the near five minute wonder. The transcendence from minimalistic, black and white, to separate, colour footage, and then to Carson’s throat being slit, exploding into an array of fireworks, with layered imaging,¬†creates a vista of artistic wonderment, that director Tim Saccenti should be truly proud of.

After The End is out August 25th through 4AD and it looks set to be another impossibly stunning LP from the Tampa Bay geniuses.

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