Girl Band – De Bom Bom

Girl Band have announced yet another truly wicked track, in the form of De Bom Bom. Now if you’ve never heard of Girl Band, a song titled De Bom Bom might not put much faith in them being serious artists, or even any good. Everything with Girl Band is a façade though. The name, their look, the fact that their from Ireland. They are actually from Ireland, but they’ve broken free from the shackles of historic Irish indie bands such as U2 and The Undertones, and have favoured for a more intense and frightening, My Bloody Valentine style (so to speak). Experimental, industrial noisecore terror collapses in on itself constantly to reveal even more horrifying work, beguiling your ears to continue listen as Girl Band slowly work at infiltrating your mind with their insatiable ode to chaos. De Bom Bom is nothing more than a malfunctioning factory exploding, sending shrapnel everywhere in the form of screeching guitar tones and monstrous basses, as Dara Kiely’s vocals annotate both the evil mastermind behind the explosion and the terror filled screams of the workers. It’s incredible what these guys can do by adding, hysteric reverb, drenched in dystopic surrondings.

De Bom Bom is out September 1st through Any Other City Records, with a cover of Beat Happening’s I love You for the B-side. The release is also on a limited edition  run of 500 7″ records. After every 100 records, the  vinyl will be wrapped in a different colour of card, from Dark Blue to Dark Green.

Click the photo below for the link to the pre order!


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