BBC Introducing… Man Made. Quite possibly ‘the’ act for R&L 2014

So with a week filled with BBC Intro… acts, I’ve saved the best for last. The amazing, Man Made. Now as we all know, Manchester is a holy grail for great music; Man Made are the latest substance to emerge from the holy waters of Manchester’s canals. A three piece, made up of Nile Marr, Scott Strange and Callum Rogers, the trio make voluptuous, post pop, that hinders the post punk taste they borrow from the legendary Joy Division, and rekindles the atmospheric embodiment, of blissful isolation, that MONEY have mastered. On tracks Plastic Key To Living and All Mine, an unquenchable thirst for more from the band is left, as the near 10 minutes of both songs combined, creates more electricity and a sense of flabbergasted joy, than most bands can ever hope to achieve. If you’re going to see any band play at R&L next weekend, make sure it’s Man Made.

  • Sounds like: MONEY, Deaf Club, Joy Division
  • Extra Info: The band are almost as inconspicuous as the infamous WU-LYF, finding anything new from them is a near impossible challenge.

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