Gerard Way – No Shows

If you just can’t wait to see Gerard at Reading or Leeds this weekend, or you’re just not going, then here’s the video for the latest track of Hesitant Alien, No Shows. Taking inspiration from the golden era of shoegaze and britpop, Way’s vendetta for Hesitant Alien, being anti mainstream radio, with fuzzed up guitars has again succeeded, just as first single Action Cat had back in June.

With bright colours shining everywhere like an early Top of the Pop’s show, No Shows’ futuristic sounding closing,¬†fits rather candidly with its intergalactic debut on Pink Station Zero. As a set style, No Shows moves more towards britpop than shoegaze, although the 90’s vibe of post American ‘pop-punk’ oozes in ever so slightly in the choruses. But it’s not all bright colours and pop music as the slight space rock tones towards the end, ring with a certain nostalgia of 2006-2010 My Chemical Romance; specifically sounding like Na na na meets Vampire Money, meets Famous Last Words, so you know, the good stuff.

Hesitant Alien is out September 29th (officially the 30th), through Warner Bros. Pre orders bundles are now available, with t-shirts and zines and stickers and crap! (But seriously it’ll be good stuff, it’s Gerard Way).

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