Ballet School – The Dew Lasts An Hour



Ever since the Berlin bad’s debut single Crush, back in 2013, the three piece have been set to make some ground shaking pop music, and boy have they delivered.

Each tracks transcends effortlessly into the next as bursting, pop anthems, beckon to the call of Dew…, with mega anthems, Ghost, Heartbeat Overdrive and Cherish, the immediate, lead singles. While Cherish is the most recent of the three joyous singles taken from Dew…, Ghost and Heartbeat Overdrive are two of the first singles that made Ballet School’s presence on the pop scene, immediately important. Ghost receives the most minute change, with the overall volume and finish of the track, in comparison to the original being the only major changes. Melodies are toned down, while an added ambience slid in, partnered with vocal clarification that exemplifies Rosie Blair’s vocals tremendously. The overall attitude that Ghost radiates, is not a lust to be noticed now, but rather an immediate importance and almost boasting, as Rosie showcases her outstanding vocal range effortlessly. Heartbeat Overdrive receives the largest reworking, as an additional minute and a half are allocated to Overdrives’ already, packed out three minutes, with further ambient, drone melodies, climbing on top of Heartbeat Overdrives’ melodic guitar tones.

It’s not all about the singles though on Dew, as tracks Pale Saint, Heliconia and Jade, highlight the key elements to Dew’s magic. Upbeat, thrusting pop beats are the key piece to Pale Saint, while on Heliconia and Jade, chilled out, panel tones key together daydreaming rhythms. Rosie’s vocals are again the selling point on both Heliconia and Jade, satisfying your ears, as her vocal range soars above most of the currently female vocalists, and triumphs the largely drab vocals of male pop vocalists.

The vocal elitism continues throughout Dew, most notably on Yaoi, the stand out track (as it was already my favourite), with insanely catchy rhythms, and insatiable lyrics. Drawing in every essence of focus, Rosie’s silky smooth vocals highlights the path to the heavens, as every word pours out of her mouth like liquid gold. The added touch of choruses with ooh’s and impossibly upbeat melodies make Dew even more alluring as a pop piece overall.

Once Dew surpasses Yaoi, the single that begun Ballet School’s story, becomes the closing chapter, as a revamp of the 2013 hit, sees wispy melodies written into the track, with r’n’b drum tracks also applied for the louder moments of Crush. However for the most parts of Crush, a stripped back approach is adopted, allowing Rosie’s voice to sail through to the end of Dew calmly and uninterrupted.

The dreamy, ambient pop tones of Ballet School, amalgamate to create, impossibly catchy anthems, from the likes of first single Crush, to Heartbeat Overdrive on The Dew Lasts An Hour. Precise, pop melodies, secure an overall finish for Dew, that is comfortably familiar with pop from the Cocteau Twins, yet modern enough with alternative, ambient tones, to create some distance form the similarities between both leading ladies vocals. The vocals, are however, utterly mesmerising on Dew. Rosie’s vocal range is still out of this world for the most part, as her ooh’s rocket above and beyond, the regular compliance of popstars.


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