Must for 2015 – Palace

It’d be a slight exaggeration to say I’ve been waiting a year for Palace to finally release some tracks online. It’d be no exaggeration whatsoever, to say that the final product is nothing short of astonishingly incredible.

Another London based band, indie rock has never been in such safe hands. Now the photo used for Palace is the perfect representation of their band. A still frame from their video for lead single Veins, Palace have very little to share with the world, let it be music or photos. It’s been almost a year since their last demo, Blackheath (which I’ve stupidly lost), loaded with beautiful riffs and Leo’s drawn back vocals. But now it’s 2014 and the band have re-emerged with a new EP, Lost In The Night, with two incredible new singles, Veins and Bitter, but they’re still keeping everything quiet.

Bitter is ironically the more upbeat of the two tracks from Lost In The Night, as steady, riding percussion and gentle guitar tones are all placed to amplify Leo’s  vocals, as he snarls at his self and echoes his own uproar. It might not sound that lively, but with looped guitar hooks and faster paced drums seizing control towards the latter of the track, Bitter is an ambivalent idea of self thought.

Of the two tracks, Veins is the true masterpiece. Drawing upon the similarities of twilight and dawn, Veins captures the true beauty of the sun’s daily cycle, with lush guitar hooks and singular notes, breezily struck together. The blues rock style of Bitter isn’t completely glazed over though. After subdued, peaceful vocals from Leo, the guitar work soon picks up the pace, for intriguing riffs in the chorus, making a familiar sound to fellow blues rocker, Dracula Legs (if they calmed down a tad). The true appeal of Veins is however, the effortless approach to blues rock, as it seems long gone, since bands have attempted to tackle this historic genre. Many myriads of plays would never be enough for the true beauty of Veins to be completely understood.

  • What can I expect?

Rhythmic blues, that’ll recover the lack of intriguing guitar music currently needed, by a band who are almost as mysterious as WU-LYF in their early stages.

  • When will they release new stuff?

Their Lost In The Night EP, will be released on the 20th October (along with Veins and Bitter), through Beatnik (Records).

  • Where can I find their music?

For them all in one place (only two tracks currently), soundcloud. Tickets for their headlining shows in London have almost ran out (if not completely) so scour for tickets. Seriously.

  • Will I like them?

You’d be crazy not to, but for some reassurance, for fans of: Gengahr, WU-LYF, Dracula Legs.

For the, Lost In The Night, pre order, click the image below.


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