The Amazing Snakeheads – Can’t Let You Go

Remember back in April when Dale Barclay viciously serenaded your ears for about 48 minutes? Well he’s back alongside fellow members William Coombe and Jordon Hutchison, with the spine tingling, desperately isolated, yet mind, meltingly orgasmic, Can’t Let You Go.

It begins as a singular echo, pluck after pluck, before Dale’s rustic, Scottish tone, resonates his most understandable lyrics to date. Clarity that is, not this makes no sense. Seismic activity bubbles underneath the surface of the disrupted pluck, pluck, pluck, with occasional guitar chords struck like an 8.5 Richter scale earthquake, with Dale’s catastrophically, powerful yells of “I just can’t let you go” rising like black, volcanic smog.

But like any natural disaster, there’s disaster behind the disaster. Can’t Let You Go’s disaster specifically, comes from Dale’s lyrics, proclaiming  “I just can’t let you go” and “so take me away, to the sky, so take me away, so I can die”.

It’s not the first thought upon the initial play, to recognise these lyrics as anything but a clever ploy. However, once you get stuck in the spiral of aggression, and the hollowed out lyrics seep in, it’s a task in itself to feel anything but the darkness of the minds suppression of traditional punk. Even with the guitar solos and instrumentation eruption half way through, leaving you with a blistered feet and a sprained neck, you’ll feel as if your entire body has been beaten, black and blue.

On the basis, Can’t Let You Go is dangerously self-aware, post punk, disguised as a vicious punk track, with mellifluous riffs and vocals, to avoid the realities of any supplementary emotions of isolation and loneliness, that may break their way out into your subconscious.

Can’t Let You Go is out December 1st with B side, The Virgin Mary through Domino Records.

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