AlunaGeorge – Supernatural

So this occurred a few days back. The duo of Aluna Francis and George Reid (also known as AlunaGeorge sometimes), released their first new track since 2013’s Body Music on Thursday (October 2nd). The body popping, deep house beats of Supernatural. After countless appearances with EDM duo Disclosure, for their track White Noise; AlunaGeorge’s minimalistic, clean cut, electro pulses have transmuted into more traditional, 21st century EDM/pop rhythms, with the recognisable rises of the current leaders of UK’s house music, found in the songs infrastructure.

It’s caught somewhere between, intriguing and confusing. Intriguing because as an electronic based duo, their work is evolving. With technically ‘harsher’ tones, focusing on thumping, periodic beats and familiar piece structures, Supernatural is conventional in current EDM circulation, but creates distance from R ‘n’ B’s recognisable, deeper than pop formation.

R ‘n’ B still flows through the finger tips of George onto his electronic work, but now it’s more flashing, blue neon lights now, rather than white, pristine museums. The same goes for Aluna. Her vocals still remains as controlled as it did on Body Language for the most part. But with the rises and challenges of White Noise beckoning in the distance, Aluna’s vocals are going to need to rise, constantly, to compete with EDM’s leading stars.

The confusing element to the duo’s new track, is how much it feels like conforming. Granted, the duo’s electronic style’s on their debut LP, verged on EDM constantly. However when influences of James Blake (as the most recognisable) occur to the process, the ‘popular’ EDM trends, feel less apparent, and well thought out melodies created a closer relation to the likes of Neon Indian and XXYYXX, with their confined, yet still energetic electronica.

On Supernatural, it’s either progression or conforming, and for some pointviews (such as my own), it might be a stalemate.

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