Cherry Glazerr – Had Ten Dollaz

As demonstrated from the slang spelling of dollars, Had Ten Dollaz isn’t exactly formally structured.

cherrryScaling bass tones reciprocate the steady drum taps, as a quick progression in the drums rapid playing, creates a hectic, yet lazy essence to the songs beginning. Lo-fi induced vocals of ‘ a-ha-ha’ (possibly) further add to this chilled lo-fi production. The beginning, politely put, is quite the misleading façade.

Bursts of noise appear throughout, either through guitar tones growing louder after each chord that’s struck, or by the drums being beaten within an inch of their life. Rapid rewinds then move ‘Ten Dollaz to a more settled rhythm of playful bass tones and bouncing guitar riffs.

The rapid growth in velocity and deafness on ‘Ten Dollaz, peaks during the choruses and the rise to the final closer, where chaotic swirls, of reverb drenched guitars, sound more like mutilated screams of terror, with Clementine’s vocal yells, sounding more menacing and ‘grunge’ after each word sung. Even with the softened, feel, ‘Ten Dollaz is perpetuating lo-fi as a weapon of mass destruction, rather than a simple relation to cats and weed thanks to Wavves and Best Coast.

If you want a copy, there’s 750 7″ (250 fluorescent lemon lime, 500 black) and they’re only $4.99 (about $19 {£12) after shipping for the UK), plus it comes with the B-side Nurse Ratched. Had Ten Dollaz is due to be released October 28th through Suicide Squeeze Records.

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