Pond – Elvis’ Flaming Star


The more traditional psychedelic side of Tame Impala, Pond are back with their latest single Elvis’s Flaming Star, taken from their upcoming 6th album, Man It Feels Like Space Again. Only daisies, mud, rainbows, afros, flared trousers, and other 70’s nostalgia can be seen across the plains of this three-minute belter. Funk loaded bass grooves meet up with internally trapped vocals, induced in reverb, as cool chill outs, dance around the roaring fire of the 70’s strongest styles, for an ever so familiar Pond track.

Man It Feels Like Space Again is out across several dates in January 2015, on LP and CD formats, and digital, if you’re into that. See below for full release dates:

  • January 23 (Australia)
  • January 26 (UK)
  • January 27 (US/Canada)

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