Welcoming… Space Pony

The cliché that any band who dives into grunge territory, will sound like a copy of Nirvana has long been applicable since the band’s unfortunate end. Space Pony dare to walk in this sacred ground, removing the stigma that grunge is just for the old Seattleites.

Deriving from Providence, Rhode Island, Space Pony’s distance from Seattle isn’t the only contributing factor to their modern take on grunge music. Influences from modern punk rock infiltrate Space Pony’s sound with vibrancy added to their performance, with riff heavy guitars manipulated to brush aside the malcontent in grunge’s nostalgia, adopting a less heavy (lyrically) approach.

While the vibe as a whole, may feel closer to the angst loaded chords of traditional grunge, Space Pony’s endurance across this five track EP, creates memorable choruses, loaded with lucid lyrics and pleasurable breakdowns, on nearly every track,  and most notably Move.

With the essence of 90’s nostalgia heavily loaded onto Move, the presence of grunge and modern punk feels more like a coherent occurrence, rather than a stroke of luck. The elongated ‘Move’, alongside broken guitar punches and driven drum beats, anchor the track towards Nevermind territory, with a close relation to Stay Away influenced by Bleach.

American rock from the early 00’s from Fall Out Boy, or Sum 41, is a heavy influence also, especially on tracks  Rain and Broken, where classically trained, punk guitar tones, ride alongside lyrical formations that Patrick Stump would be proud of.

With just an EP that barely passes the fifteen minute mark to their name, Space Pony are just at the beginning of a potentially huge career.

  • What can I expect?

A closer relation to contemporary punk rock, with some post grunge that feels a decade old (in a good way).

  • When will they release new stuff?

Space Pony EP was released in April, so hopefully very soon!

  • Where can I find their music?

It’s up on Bandcamp and down below, because I’m lovely like that.

  • Will I like them?

For fans of: Fall Out Boy, Sum 41, Nirvanna, Tigercub.

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