Must for 2015 – FANS

If you didn’t catch their debut single, All This Time back in March, then time to catch up as FANS are set to make some noise in 2015.Starring GD, MH, DL and coming from CBWY, unless you know the abbreviations, FANS aren’t giving much away. Instead they let the music do the talking. All six minutes and thirty-five seconds. While their back catalogue may not be the greatest, the two tracks FANS have produced to date, are definitely ones to get excited about.

Their lead single All This Time, fell out of nowhere back in March, with a simple enough chorus of the title repeated over and over, layered with reverb heavy guitars, that felt ever so familiar, but distinctly different. The apparent similarities to early Strokes were unavoidable on All This Time (not just with the track name). The howling riffs, the sketchy drum beats, the essence of another Hard To Explain track was inescapable and utterly tantalizing.

The distinction between the two bands however, focuses around the use of the more modernised reverb. While very overused by some bands who attempt a post-rock, shoegaze style, FANS stylistic approach of occasional riffs and simple chords that don’t sound like a hectic mess, helps them avoid the stigma of bands who can’t play their instruments.

Although, when placed in comparison with their latest single Another Way, you’ll immediately come running to the December single instead.

A fully loaded three minutes (a little less at 2:57), Another Way creates some clarity from All This Time, and not just because the reverb isn’t as apparent. Rock’s greatest and newest flow through the veins of Another Way as The Strokes can be felt mingling with Palma Violets, with a more triumphant We Found Love being produced in the process. The endless joy of simple rock and roll, will carry on for eternity in Another Way, whether it’s because of the progressive chords, the familiarity of a sing-along chorus or the squeezed in riff closer.

Well trained in the art of The Strokes, both All This Time, and their latest single Another Way, emit the brilliance of 2001’s Is This It and lead us to the only question we want to know.

When will they make more of this, and when are they touring?

In that case, check below for the quick details:

  • What can I expect?

The old glory of early Strokes with a hint of modern heroes, Palma Violets.

  • When will they release new stuff?

Another Way is out December 8th and All This Time is currently available on iTunes.

  • Where can I find their music?

Soundcloud for both the tracks, a live show for more.

  • Will I like them?

It’s almost (almost) like a Stroke 2.0, so yeah.

For fans of: The Strokes, Palma Violets, Superfood and The Ramones (maybe).

For those who live in Manchester or Brighton, FANS are playing dates in November with BRONCHO at the following venues:

Manchester – Castle Hotel, November 17th.

London (SOLD OUT) – Sebright Arms, November 18th.

Brighton – Prince Albert, November 19th.

So if you’re lucky enough to live in Manchester (damn Leeds) or Brighton, make sure you get a ticket!

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