Deers- Between Cans

You know them Spanish girls who go by Deers, who are making a bit of noise at the moment? Well they’re making even more with new track Between Cans.

Taken from the flipside of Barn, Between Cans is the first release the band have recorded with all their members together (the four of them). Calling to sun filled skys, glistening through car windows heading towards the Mediterranean, Between Cans is elegantly smooth (even for a lo-fi track), retaining the final aspects of summer, as oversized jumpers take over. Clean hooks piece together the Christmas/New Years feel in the lead riff, with each of the girls singing on top of one another, progressively sounding more like Best Coast, (once Bethany Cosentino stopped with the love obsessed lyrics) slow dancing to the chimes of Spain’s warmth.

Barn/Between Cans is out now, both physically and digitally.

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