One year of Velvet Independent

So as of the 14th of November, Velvet welcomes in its second year of existence. A year ago today (it’s the 6th as I write this), the idea of creating a music site, felt interesting and dull at the same time.

Interesting because I would be able to provide my opinion on new music, plus see how well maintained my writing could become, increasing in ‘professionalism’ and content. At the beginning of the year, most new tracks received around 30 words as a summary, now a new track generally receives 100 words or just under or just over.

The dull aspect of making this site though, came about from the extensive amount of music sites already out there, creating some amazing content. Creating content that so many produce; largely at quicker paces for official sites such as Pitchfork or DIY, felt deflating towards my original plan.

Some official sites such as Drowned In Sound and DIY, were a main influence into Velvet’s creation however, as well as YouTube review leader, The Needle Drop.

As we know, you and I (you being me and I being you), Velvet did prevail past my teenage incompetence, as over 500 posts can be viewed on Velvet now.

In regards to viewership, my original goal for my first years worth of views, was to reach 6,000 and by January 1st in 2015, 7,000+. Velvet to this date has surpassed both goals, currently exceeding 8,000 views. Obviously this is all thanks to those of you, who have viewed the site, whether searching for a review, new song from your favourites, or got here from flipboard for the Vinyl Hoarding post.

Next year for Velvet, a lot will remain the same, I will set goals for the site (to reveal in the new year), alongside changes to the sites overall persona.

Now just to make sure this post has some music in, a post that has been lost in my drafts for the past month, waiting to fill your ears with euphoric benevolence.

Remember, all the best music is from Manchester. 

Idea For A Film

idea 4 a film

Mastered in Chicago, (but that’s not important); Can’t Sit Still, comes from the Manchester group, Idea For A Film who have extremely little to share, whether that be other tracks, photos or even their names (well actually one of them is called Joe.) As you could imagine, the name isn’t exactly browser friendly, but in this day and age, mystery is its own marketing.

Can’t Sit Still, falls rather gracefully in place, between the lower ranked, more intimate styles of emerging indie, and the much more ambiguous heights, of blockbuster tracking worthy stardom.

Oh did I mention they’re ‘only’ asking for £1,000 ($1603.87 US Dollars) for a download. Get breaking your piggy banks. In fact go and rob a bank, it’ll be worth it, (don’t rob a bank, that’s wrong). You can stream it free on bandcamp though, so it’s not all heart breaking.


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