Must for 2015 – Moats

If 2015 doesn’t amount to a breakout year for Moats, then one of them must have a family curse from a previous generation. But enough with the Holes reference, let’s get onto Moats, crusaders of the Liverpool movement. Now while not as immediately noticed as All We Are, fellow Liverpudlians, Moats persistent nature over the last two years (or so), assures any fans that a disappearance, or lack of substantial effort within their music isn’t possible.

From their debut, DIY full length, Singapore, loaded with the nostalgia of 00’s indie, layered in fuzz and whaling riffs, too their highly anticipated Rough EP, Moats have never been short of alluring material. Yet still (to my knowledge) here Moats are, unsigned, with a tonne of press, and the attention of the NME specifically.

Now one of the most highly anticipated ‘underground’ bands to breakthrough, (hence the photo that has been used for the band since their beginning in 1888, check their Facebook), the Liverpool quartet glistens, with polished guitar hooks that transmute from the behemoth Indie Rock prowess of Editors, to Indie Pop magic found in bands such as The Maccabees. The bands eclectic debut, Singapore, (still available as a free download for 8 of the 11 original tracks via their bandcamp page), came fully loaded with future classics, such as the stunning Toothache with Asya Fairchild and the indie behemoth of Skin, both bursting with fully loaded, powerful riffs and screeching, spiralling solos, just as future singles Gas and Jeff Buckley produced.

Now on their most recent single, Moats climb out of Alex Turner’s swamp, howling and screeching (and that’s just Matt’s part), with layered riffs, decimating the remains of Moats, earlier pop tracks, now fully pledging towards a deadly heavier sound, closer to the likes of 2014’s biggest stars, Royal Blood.

But just as current heroes of indie rock haven’t rushed their style to suit a major label. Some might say that the lack of interest from labels however, shows a band that they haven’t reached their true potential yet, or at least a sell-able mark. Moats have had almost the complete opposite problem as they’re a ready made band, bursting to the brim with impressive indie tracks, playing all the way across the Atlantic at Austin City Limits in September. To secret midnight garden party shows, to abandon bombed churches and underground basements, Moats resume of gigs stretches from the most elaborate organised functions, to the craziest gigs you’ll ever go to.

Here’s fingers crossed that 2015 is the year Moats finally make a splash both here and across the pond. (Early Moats reference there for you).

  • What can I expect?

Indie Rock crashing together with a flood of genres ranging from Psych-Rock to more contemporary Pop rhythms.

  • When will they release new stuff?

Rough EP is expected soon, put it’s likely for a January release (don’t take my word for it thought).

  • Where can I find their music?

Their bandcamp, absolutely everything is there. It’s all free, but a few £’s or $’s won’t hurt your wallet.

  • Will I like them?

For fans of: The Maccabees, Editors, Royal Blood.

For all the bands free stuff:


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